The Only Way to Create Your First Vision Board!

No more guessing and saying you will make one! Now is the time to finally make that beautiful vision board that all your friends will be jealous of (I have weird friends too.) The key idea to remember as you are reading this is to be specific. It is called a VISION board. Lets start now!

The One Bad Secret about “The Secret”

A long time ago, in a Netflix documentary far away, there was a documentary that took over and put visualization into the mainstream. It is called The Secret and past the crazy theatrics in the documentary, it really is solid. It is the premise that you are able to manifest your deepest desires from relationships, cars, homes, and health by simply visualizing and “believing” that it will happen.

Also, if you live in the Los Angeles area, this shit is EVERYWHERE. I have never talked about this documentary so much my life since I moved here. People are crazy ambitious here and I love it, however, there is one big problem that the majority do:

All talk, and no action

They are doing everything right, positive words (which you can listen to me dive more into here), kind to strangers, and gratitude affirmations (again, shamless plug here), but they are still doing nothing. I am sure you have met people just like this. They are telling you all the amazing ideas, products, or service that somehow always sound like the next fucking Uber, but then you ask, “that’s so cool you are doing that, where are you in the process?” Then they give you the classic, “oh I can’t do it because I can’t afford it” or “I am just so busy” Really? You’re busy? You wake up at 3:37 pm every day and party every night.

Here in LA, I can’t tell you how many aspiring actors/actresses that tell me they are going to make it, but when is the last time they have gone on an audition or taking classes? Yeah, I know. Years. YEARS! How do you expect to make it big doing nothing? There is only so much manifestation one can do. You are not going to get ripped by not going to the gym and eating decent. “But Tom, I am believing that it will happen, so it has to”

No, not it doesn’t.

For instance, you need to take action. You will have to find a way to get these dreams achievable. Fortunately, that’s exactly what this blog is about! We will find small practical steps that will lead you to getting ripped, that dream job, and/or that dream partner!

A wise woman known by the name of Iggy Azaela once said:
First things first, I’m a realest

Lets be like I-G-G-Y and be a realest.

We will start by going back to the documentary.
The premise of the documentary is to create your life by visualizing what you want. I agree with this, but they mention manifestations about cars, money, etc, but what I have found in my experience is you need to be very specific. No more random pictures that you don’t genuinely want. We will not be the classic human that is all talk, but we will let our actions speak. Then people will tell you, “Wow you actually did it.” Or the classic, “you got so lucky.”

No Karen, I didn’t get lucky you just never saw the blood, sweat, and tears that went into this. Preparation finally met opportunity.

Here are the practical steps on getting there:

We will need to create a physical vision board.
You can use a corkboard, whiteboard, surfboard, etc. Putting pictures on some text file in your phone does not cut it.

It will need to be hung up somewhere that you will see every day.
Do not put it in your closet next to your Christmas tree or Chanukah bush that you see once a year. Consider your bedroom or bathroom, maybe across from your toilet.

Be Specific
Like we mentioned earlier, you need to be specific with this. I want to see the exact car you want, the exact house, exact physique, I think you get it.

There is no formality on organizing this, you can keep it mixed or organize in a way where on one board you do your professional aspirations, one board fitness, one personal or social life. However, if you do like structure, I would recommend the way I listed above, or if you want to be even more practical is to organize the boards by the order you want to get it done.

Let me explain, one board you will have postings on exactly what you want done in 60 or 90 days. One have your six month goals, one have your one year, one blah blah blah. You get it.

Lastly, you just visualized exactly what you want done for a long long time! Woot.

Finally, what you will notice over time is something remarkable. You will need to constantly update it, because it is actually happening! That feeling is tough to beat when you reflect on your life.

After you make one vision board, as I mentioned, make another one! Just kidding. If you need more than one, that would be crazy. Give everyone else a chance at least 😊

Back to the practicality of all this
After you are done with making a vision board, hang it up at a spot you’ll see everyday, even somewhere your peripheral vision may capture it. In other words, that will get absorbed into your subconscious.

Next, we will reverse-engineer ways to get to that goal, and hopefully form habits along the way. Lets give a few examples of common vision board pins:

This is a very common one where a lot of people, including me, put pictures of celebrities, influencers, athletes, etc on the board and hope one day that you will look just like them. The reality of these celebrities is they have personal trainers, chefs, “unlimited” income, etc. Also, they all say getting that lean or skinny is not sustainable and results in a low quality of life since you cannot go out to eat, drink, as well as your day to day becomes extremely robotic.

However, unless you want to pursue a career in fitness and that’s how you make an income through brands, I would recommend picking a physique that you want, but that you can have a little variation on what success looks like.

For instance, such as picking a body fat percentage that you would be happy to be at within a given range, like 12-16%.

We will talk a lot about meal prepping (boom, right here) and meal tracking and what programs and apps you could use that will help you reach that physique. Also, I would recommend reading my meditation post, if you have a goal on being “happier,” more grounded, grateful, or some positive emotion. It’s a very practical way to reach a more vague goal.

Social Life
If your goal is to meet a significant partner or find a friend group, which is all over both of mine, you need to be specific. Post a celebrity or anyone on your board that you find attractive physically and preferably mentally as well. Then you need to, again, reverse-engineer how you can meet that person, or one similar. I will be writing a lot on meeting people and putting yourself in a situation where it is very likely to meet them and those very similar. Then we will discuss on how to talk to them in a way that gets them to want to see you again.

This one is a little more difficult to reverse-engineer, because a lot of it is out of your control. Although, for this one persistence is key. Find a way to surround yourself, or work for, the one who will get you to that job you dream of. If your dream is to buy a Rolls Royce, Mansion, Boat, or any of those things, it may not be realistic that your career would lead to that, so you may have to change your career path altogether, something I have been considering as well. Its terrifying but exciting!

With all my tips above you will be more than equipped to tackle this exciting project. Don’t forget to hang it up! Be specific and reverse engineer ways you will actually achieve your goals. No more vague bullshit that means nothing.

In addition, make sure to check out the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This will help give you some ideas.

Finally, post your vision board and some ideas you have. I would love to see all of your vision boards! We can share ideas on how to make this incredible process even more enjoyable!

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