How To Change Your Subconscious Efficiently

Just need to address that picture real quick, hopefully that’s not what you do to your old friends after reading this.
Lets change your subconscious the right way!

Just need to address that picture real quick, hopefully that’s not what you do to your old friends after reading this.

Now, I will finally bring it back to the vague title. In my first post, we mentioned that people aren’t (usually) as bad as we may seem. I am a huge advocate that media has conditioned many of us to be more cynical than we initially are.

Think about it, how often do you see a positive story versus a negative story on the news? There is always another shooting, murder, robbery, trump tweet, etc, but how many times have you seen there be an inspirational story or a feel-good story that puts a smile on your face? Not nearly as often as the negative.

Social media: brought the world together and single-handedly made information travel in an unbelievably fast manner. How fast did you find out about the latest news story or irrelevant Kardashian update? Pretty damn fast.

I will talk a lot about social media later as well, for now, here’s a brief introduction on the negative side of it. The title I wrote for part 1 was, “people aren’t that bad,” so lets dive in.

For someone who use to get so unbelievably pissed when a person would go three miles per hour under the limit, or would hurl my playstation controller when the computer barely beat me in FIFA, or somehow tripping when standing still (it happens), I can assure you I was extremely cynical.

Also, in high school, I broke three tennis rackets, at least four golf clubs, and disqualified three times in a row during a golf tournament, all due to my temper. But how did I turn that entire mentality around in less than two years where I could not even tell you the last time I broke anything or yelled at anything?

Believe it or not the answer is boxing! Just pretend that its someone’s face on the bag and you’re all set!

Just kidding, that’d be amazing though.

              Remember, this blog is all about being extremely practical and we need to progressively “cleanse” that immediate negative reactivity. We will need to condition your subconscious to relax and breath.

Condition your subconscious? What? You mean I can change my subconscious well after my adolescent years? Stop asking so many questions, but yes. It is very common that people just think, “well, this is what I was given, not much I can do about it.” That is their reality and that is what their friends and family also believe.

Fortunately, if you are reading this and currently think that, I will help you change that. If you are reading this and are aware that this change is possible, you are a cut above the general public, congrats. We will also work on conditioning your mind about being less reactive to superficial events.

Okay okay, this sounds great and you are building it up well, now get to the “practical” advice.

My bad, lets do this.

1: Death is in the tongue.

I think that’s biblical? Comment below or message me if it is, I heard it somewhere and have no idea where. Lets talk about it!

              This single-handedly changed everything for me in my early stages of changing my subconscious. I am nowhere near being perfect, but I am extremely aware of every word that comes out of my mouth.

When I first started I saw myself saying, “if” rather than “when.” This may seem like a simple fix and you may think, “really? That’s it. Seriously?” Yes. This is where it starts if you are brand new, just this simple fix will change more than you can imagine.

Also, this is implied, just make sure you only do it in positive sentences. Do not do “if I rob a bank -shit- when I rob a bank.” I want to hear, “when I get that job, when I lose weight, when I go out with Alex Daddario.” Say it with certainty and know it will happen. It will be uncomfortable at first and may not feel right, but that’s okay.

Just like many skillsets, you will get accustomed to it and your subconscious will take over. It will just happen without you realizing it. The first time that happens, you will be shocked and proud that you did it without thinking or being aware. That is a monumental milestone (practical!) to ensure you are on the right path.

Of course, there is a negative side to this, it’s the fact you may lose “life-long” friends over this, although minor, it can happen. You will come off extremely arrogant, egocentric, etc to those who don’t do it. They will give you a hard time and may, over time, drift away from that relationship.

It’s very difficult, but in hindsight, you will find that you two really didn’t have that much in common. As if by magic, you will be surrounding yourself with people that you do resonate extremely well with, and you will realize this is what you really want.

This is a great segway to my next point on conditioning your brand new subconscious! Weird sentence.

2. “Your vibe is your tribe,” “you’re the average of the 5 people you hang out with,” “birds of a feather, flock together,” and “you hang out with losers, you’ll be a loser.”

I’m sure that you have heard of at least one of these sayings, or some combination. It is extremely true in every aspect. You surround yourself with complainers and people who talk negative, guess what you will do? Yup.

Now, I am not asking you to just ditch every negative person in your life. That’s not a great idea, you will talk and think positive, but you’ll be alone and you’ll be in denial of all this positivity. I am asking, at first, that you should be aware of the words that your crew say.

If you notice that they complain, assume the worse in people, and have negative conversations. DO NOT contribute and DO NOT tell them stop talking like that, because that is their reality and that is very difficult to change in a short time.

So, you’re asking me to find a new crew, but still hang out with my current friends, you’re saying to be aware of my words, but don’t critique others. Cool, makes total sense. Not.

Yes I am, but lets think practically. Still hang out with your crew, but now be aware that you may need to look for a new one. How can you do that? Well, you need to show up. Show up? What.

Disclaimer: Please please do not do whatever is going on in the picture to your old friends.

3. Good things come to those who wait is very very wrong. (Clickbaity, but accurate)
Great things come to those who go for it.

You need to put yourself out there in many ways, join a sports league, fitness studio, acting class, go up to that girl at a bar, just do something. You can’t do nothing! When you push yourself out of your comfort zone, that is where great things are.

You may be reflecting on times you have done that and what that led to. This section has been a little too woo-woo motivational nonsense, so lets get back to being practical and start small.

This week, go to a class that you’ve always wanted to do (most classes offer a free first-time class). Say hi to at least one stranger or go to I want you to email or dm me what you did and how you did it! I am genuinely interested in your growth.

Befriend the receptionist at work, get the first name of a personal trainer, ask how the grocery cashier’s day is going, what you’ll notice is that the majority do not do this. You will make a stranger’s day giving them a compliment. It is unbelievable the affect this has on people and you were the cause.

Then what will happen is that person will then pay it forward and do it to someone else. That is what the media needs to cover, enough negative hooplah (is that how you spell it?).

With these tips, you will change your subconscious in no time! We have discussed really actionable ways on how to change your subconscious such as talking in a more positive light and slowly putting yourself out there through a variety of websites.

I would love to hear more practical ways you plan on changing your subconscious and success stories! If you have any more questions about what I said, please let me know. I will reply to everyone!
Try one new small thing this week. Then check out this post and I will introduce the number one habit that changed my life!


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