How to Meditate for Beginners and the Intermediate!

How to Meditate Part 1/1,000,000

I’m not going to be making another 999,999 articles on meditation, but I feel like I could. We will discuss how to meditate for beginners and for the intermediate in a very practical way.

First, lets review my subconscious post because there is a lot of overlap between the two even if you are new to meditation.

We mentioned the best practical ways to start reconditioning your subconscious.

First, we talked about watching the words you say. No more “if” only “when” on referring to a positive statement about your life. Hopefully, you said one sentence replacing that word and you felt weird and uncomfortable, like your friend getting yelled at by their parents and you are just sitting on the couch.

The second point is surrounding yourself with people who think and talk similar to you or what you aspire to do. Speaking from experience, DO NOT cut out everyone who does, just be aware on who is talking like that.

Third, was to actually take action and do something about it, no more just reading my blogs and “manifesting” it to happen. We will talk A LOT about manifestation.

Therefore, addressing my amazing (not) cliffhanger!

The biggest interest, practice, class, whatever I was introduced to that changed my life was meditation. As a beginner, I definitely struggled.
I know you may be thinking, “so you want me to sit in a corner in silence and breath? No, unless you are four and in time-out. That is not how to meditate. We are going to start small and practical like usual. Lets talk about meditation for beginners. Even if you are intermediate, you will definitely get some good value from this post.

But first, lets explain the benefits and side effects of meditation.

First Benefit: Reactivity.

    When I was younger, I would get so mad over the smallest things like losing in a video game, losing in a sport, or, heaven forbid, losing a toenail. I have noticed throughout my years of meditating that I rarely get mad, rarely judge a person without knowing them, or depending on superficial validation. I attribute all of this to meditation. No more breaking your xbox controllers or tennis rackets!

Second Benefit: Amazing presence when speaking to others.
    I am sure we have all been there when you are speaking with someone and your mind starts going to the next thing to say or if you forgot your kids in Kentucky. You will notice that your mind is so slowed down that you can actually focus on what they are saying and the next thing to say will just happen.
Then, you will be getting compliments like how great of a listener you are and your networking skills will sky rocket.

Third Benefit: Focusing on the breath

     Meditation is obviously huge on breathing since that is pretty much all you are doing. However, focusing on your breath is extremely transferrable. When speaking in front of a crowd, on a date, or an intense workout, you rely more on proper breathing more than you think. Remember, we are trying to reprogram your subconscious and meditation is the number one way on how I did that.

However, we all have heard of these excuses:

“I don’t need to meditation, I’m fine”
“I can never focus”

“My mind moves too fast” or “I’m too analytical”

The only reason I know all of these sentences is that I have said all of them plenty of times.

Your mind, like going to the gym, is a muscle and it needs to be trained consistently over time. We’ve all heard countless stories of overweight people losing an amazing amount of weight or from doing one pull up to twenty. Meditation is the same thing.

Before my meditation days, I was so analytical that I had to break down an interaction with a girl where she used her left hand instead of her right and put it on my shoulder then my chest then my arm. What does all that mean? It means I didn’t go on a second date. I majored in physics and mathematics so my mind was very analytical, systematic, and could not slow down.

Therefore, my mind is so slow, which made me a better communicator, that my social life has dramatically increased. I definitely don’t over analyze dates like that and, believe it or not, my personal life has gotten much better too. You come off very “chill” and “cool” when you practice meditation. Its just the “vibe” you will give off.

I think I have persuaded you to pursue this, right?

“Let’s get practical, practical!” – The new Madonna song

First, I am not going to ask you to be enlightened and go be a monk somewhere in Asia by the end of this, but what I will ask is that you do give meditation an honest shot. If you have one session and say I just sat there and thought of the things I need to do after this. That’s okay. Accept the session wasn’t necessarily sufficient but, like the gym, you will have off days.

For instance, the next day you may experience this euphoria that is tough to beat; sober. You may experience this euphoria for a few seconds, but that will make you want to come back. You will feel out of your body and “tingly.” That’s a word.

Lets teach you how to meditate now!

First Step: Download an app.

    It is very difficult to do unguided meditations, I am no where that good as of now, one day I will. I still need guided to keep my mind from not wandering off too much. There are three amazing apps that I have used.

      First one is free! Its Insight Timer.
It is loaded with courses, different categories, and even a community. I also try to meditate every day and it has a counter that shows you how many consecutive days you have done, which is very helpful.
I would recommend starting with simple and short gratitude affirmations and when you form the habit of meditating you can then increase the time and different category.

The reason I always recommend gratitude affirmations is we want to solidify the death is in the tongue category from the last blog! See, full circle. Boom. You will be severely conditioning your sub conscious from the affirmations and then the words that you say. You’ll be blown away from the results in a few months.

    Second one is Calm. Paid app that has a variety of courses and single categories, similar to Insight. Very well-developed app, that I always recommend to those who are willing to pay. Also, investing little money into this app will make you want to do it, strictly due to the monetary investment.

    Third one is Headspace. Phenomenally structured and the guys voice is so damn relaxing, I rarely have a bad session. This was the app that I first started with since they do have a free 30 day trial and it give me a day to day structure which made it easy and not nearly as overwhelming as calm and insight can be. They should really sponsor me. Just saying.

   With these apps, it will give you a great start to this world. Your mind will be starting to change and you will notice your relationships will be deeper, and you will not stress over superficial events. I’m sure you googled once, “how to not stress,” and the results are so vague that you read it, feel better, then a bad driver will cut you off and then you run them over. Just me?

Another Alternative: Youtube.
This is a great way to start as well. I personally will search, “10 minute gratitude meditation,” and you will get a surplus of results. You just can’t do nothing, if you don’t think you can can do 10 minutes of it, bring it down to 5 minutes. We are forming habits here, so simply showing up is more important than anything in the early stages.

This page is about being practical and no more vague tips that you will eventually forget. We will be forming habits that will condition your subconscious and you will reflect on your past self and think, “how in the world did I ever get through life?” Happened to me plenty.

Other than gratitude affirmations, I also recommend guided imagery, very relaxing and a great feel-good way to picture your bright future. Again, you may forget those images during your session.
You may have an amazing session where they say picture your perfect life, now immerse yourself in that life and see what happens. Then the next day you forgot everything that was around you and all those images are in the last.

No more, Lets hang them up in your room! Make sure to check out my post on vision boards here!

With all these tips on how to meditate for beginners via apps and youtube videos. My biggest tip is you must start! No more “ya, I will tomorrow.” We both know you aren’t going to do that. Let’s start today. Then, once you are good you will teach others how to meditate, which is very rewarding.

Finally, I would love to hear your experience with meditation! Have you used any of these apps or resources? Let me know below!

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