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I am a Minnesotan transplant trying to not get too sunburn (metaphorically and literally) in the City of Angels. Even with amazing parents, I have learned more than I could imagine since moving here. The spectrum of people I have met from people couch surfing, roommates stealing, and someone with borderline personality disorder, to friends who

live in a house/condo that I could only dream to live in. I am forever grateful for my friends now and its fascinating that they come from all the world, even some Australians (Oi, Oi, Oi!).

In a year and a half, I have been able to get into some of the most exclusive spots here in Los Angeles. These include the hottest clubs and lounges, parties so exclusive you would never known they existed until they were on TMZ the next day, charity events, networking events where I am speaking to one of Michael Jackon’s former managers, and have even hung out with some celebrities! All of this without spending any money. 

Even if this lifestyle doesn’t intrigue you or the potential in your town is not quite like Hollywood, I will teach you in a very practical way how you can achieve this amount of growth in an efficient way. You will come off confident, relaxed, grateful, and a phenomenal conversationalist. From networking at an event to meeting that guy or girl at a bar, we will cover all of that. 

No more watching motivational videos, feeling good for about 4 minutes, then go back to old habits that won’t increase your growth. This isn’t sustainable. You will notice that my blogs will cover a lot of topics; a lot of internal exercises such as meditation to practical networking tips such as getting them to talk to you in such a way where they will want to continue the relationship.

The main vision of this site is to grow internally and externally in a very sustainable way. We are all about forming habits that take small micro actions that lead to macro results!

I have helped a variety of my friends get similar results such as skipping long lines at bars, getting free tickets to events, and even introducing them to great business connections. This can all be taught, no more thinking whatever cards you have been dealt that’s what you have to stick with. 

Also, MAYBE make you chuckle with my very dry (and odd) sense of humor. Its basically a mixture of south park, family guy, old whose line is it anyway, and the best show of all time ever; Friends. Also, since I am a giant country music fan, I will make weird references to the Zac Brown Band and Luke Combs, since they are the best.    

I will also have a large list of book recommendations that are great references when reading my posts and give even more context to some of my tips. We will also cover products and services that will help you grow internally and externally. These will assist you in forming healthy habits. 

Lastly, I will be promoting and selling various 3rd party products and services via affiliate marketing links. I will update these often. Please understand that if I do promote it, that I genuinely believe in the product or service and only want the best for my readers!

P.S. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on any platform, I would be happy to help you. Also, if you ever see me walking around LA, definitely come say hi. Sometimes I look focused with my cheap airpod alternatives in my ear, I promise I’m friendly!

Let’s get started!

Lets Stop Being Unhappy and Learn How to be Grateful

Lets Stop Being Unhappy and Learn How to be Grateful

Do you ever think, "I was never born with confidence, its just not in the cards I have been dealt," or "I was always fairly unhappy most of my life." Depressing start I know, however, did you know you can actually change that relatively quick? Being happy and confident can actually be taught? We are going to learn how to be more grateful.

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  1. Yo dude, sounds like you’ve got Awesome stuff… But you just got put on by Owen and I go to your page expecting to see a video telling your story and then where I can learn your networking tricks… And none of that’s there! I had to click about to read about it and still not sure how to learn how to Do what you did with networking…

    You gotta fix that To capitalize on traffic Man. Owen could’ve made you a few grand right there

    1. Hey man, thanks for the feedback! I dont have a video yet and my networking tricks are here. You just need to read the articles! Ill be putting a lot more stuff on here over time. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

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